4 cats – Tabby, ginger, ginger, black & white & moggy – Free Knitting Pattern

The Free Knitting Pattern

With their splendid eyes, huge grins and cuddly little bodies, these nervy felines – a dark-striped cat, a ginger tom, a high contrast feline and a charming moggy – are compelling! They are sewn in ‘grip’ measure reasonable for a baby to bear by the tail, or for a more established youngster to nestle under their arm.

The four felines are altogether weaved from a similar essential example, with varieties for the distinctive sorts of feline. Fine yarns make a littler moggy feline – the dark feline in the photo. The dark-striped cat and ginger felines are made with three shades of hued yarn, sewed with exchanging stripes. What’s more, the somewhat bigger high contrast feline in the photo is weaved with cushy mohair yarn. Full article with the pattern is below.


4 cats – Tabby, ginger, ginger, black & white & moggy a free pattern in PDF is >> here. Details are on the Ravelry. To get more inspirations and free patterns join us >>> Facebook Group