Annabel’s Big Crochet Bedspread Blanket [Free Pattern]

Extremely exceptional cover to go on my little girl’s bed when she moves out of the bed.
Going for 24 squares ( adore that they are enormous squares)… .. 6 down!
7/6/12 ~ chosen to make it somewhat greater to fit a twofold bed so now have 30 square to finish:/have finished 18 so over most of the way at any rate!
4/8 ~ so the remainder of my yarn at long last arrived and I think I will simply need to utilize what I have and abandon it at that… .maybe 30 12inch squares was a bit to quite a bit of a desire (and extremely costly :/..)
21/8 ~ going to complete the last 2 squares then onto weaving in 0
28/8 ~ all joined! As yet attempting to locate the “ideal” guest design

The pattern squares download from here. Ravelry Don’t forget to share your final work in our Facebook Group

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