Below project consists all need details to start this amazing Baby Car Seat Tent crochet pattern. Keep child shielded from the wind or splendid sun while conveying in the auto situate and, as pointed out by individual Raveler label, according to outsiders at the grocery store!!! The dull principle body of the sweeping tent keeps out the brilliant lights, and the finished line makes it more thick and heavier to keep the breeze out. Yardage is not yet given as it hasn’t been tried, but rather I utilized short of what one skein of the Caron One Pound and afterward littler measures of different yarns for the edging and appliques. The essential example pattern enables you to adorn and adjust for boy or girl and subject/shading inclinations. Have some good times! Don’t use it in hot weather to keep the sun off as it acts like an oven, trapping and increasing the heat to overheat your baby to extremely dangerous levels.

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The free pattern in PDF download from here. Or you can check out the yarn and hook number on the Ravelry. Don’t forget to share your final work in our Facebook Group