Crochet Lovers Rose [Free Pattern & Tutorial]


This extremally beautiful rose can be crochet by mostly everyone. Move up the rose, beginning from the littlest petals. Roll the following layers around the base of the littlest petals. Keep the base of the rose level with the goal that the rose doesn’t transform into a spiral cone (attempt to take a gander at the base as well while you’re moving it up). (Obviously, in the event that you don’t need the rose to be level, you can push the center of the rose up a bit from the base, and after that simply line it up to secure the new shape.)crochet_love_rose_fb

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Modify the petals to the positions you need them to be in, and after that join everything up, ensuring that the petals aren’t moving excessively. Full article with the free pattern with the tutorial is here. Don’t forget to share your final work in our Facebook Group