Klaziena Shawls Crochet Patterns Free Collection

As you can see this is a rectangular or triangular shawl with lace bands. Can be used also for pillows, covers, table runners etc. Choose the colors, inspire other projects and share your own. The links the free pattern and other projects are below.

The project Site.

Level: upper beginner  hook: 3.5mm Yarn Scheepjes Whirl author: Kirsten Bishop

Get the pattern

Klaziena Shawl


The perfect version RJReid’s Klaziena Shawl


  1. Would like the pattern for Klaziena crochet shawl I clicked on where it says get pattern,then the name and nothing .Then I went through Pinterest and all it did was send me to main Pinterest board. Thank you

  2. Beautiful shawl! However, I can’t seem to see the link for the pattern. Gorgeous yarn as well. Just love the colours!

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