These beautiful shoes are woven in one piece, starting at the tip circularly. You start with magic ring and the first row 8/2 wheeling varieties or midpoint. In the 2nd row, 16 varieties and third, an increase every two braces. Then you do not increase for the portion of the upper is formed (like the tip of an average (Figure 3).
Wheeling about 9 rows of semicircular or half varieties, as you have chosen. The distribution of colors is at ease.
From the die 10 will have to continue weaving only part of the shoe, ie, no longer round but only a strip covering two-thirds of the total circumference (photo 4).
The strip must be made long that added to the already woven part, achieve long Foot (photos 5 and 6)

1- Shoes With Ankle Tie for Super Cute stylesidea-Then we have to know inside the back and make the edge, which is accompanied by a bond that has pompoms on the tips.

2- Shoes With Ankle Tie for Super Cute stylesidea-Finally, you must add a template like wearing shoes on the inside, which may have a tough fabric on top and rubber on the bottom.

And the sole, you must buy soles for shoes handmade jute in specialty stores or large haberdashery.

3- Shoes With Ankle Tie for Super Cute stylesidea-The original pattern is for sale here.A second option, which can also be similar to the multicolored, is to make templates or rubber sole.

To perform them you will need a rubber template of the desired size. You can buy it in a store supplies for shoemakers,

4- Shoes With Ankle Tie for Super Cute stylesidea-or recycle, using a template of a disused shoe, and also manufacture it with rubber, cutting to size you want and taking the form of a shoe that you have. You put the shoe on the rubber plate, and marks with a pencil form.

5- Shoes With Ankle Tie for Super Cute stylesidea-Then cut with scissors carefully, to make it even.
Some templates that are sold in the haberdashery and are perforated and bring the bottom of sole or rubber, and above plush or fabric.

6- Shoes With Ankle Tie for Super Cute stylesidea-template for footwear and perforated
Those with which you see in the photo above, have jute instead of rubber at the bottom.

If you do not get these templates you should carefully pierce your template with a punch or a nail, and it is recommended that before drilling marques, every 1 cm apart and half cm from the edge so that you stay even.

7- Shoes With Ankle Tie for Super Cute stylesidea-Once you have perforated edges, weaves as seen in the photos, three varetas in each hole and a midpoint in separation, all around the templates.

Then you will weave all around from this base, the necessary high, and performing capellada separately, to finally attach it to the to

8- Shoes With Ankle Tie for Super Cute stylesidea-In the case of the shoe shown in the first picture, the parts are woven separately and then attached to the base.

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