Today we have a special project consists of two patterns: Tipped Bavarian and Stained Glass Afghan in Bavarian Crochet. These ideas connect one motif – Bavarian Stitch – well known for mostly all of you dear crochet lovers, both are the variations. Follow us on Pinterest and Facebook. The links are below.

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In tipped square In the first, there was used worsted weight yarn with H size hook. The square is 8″.

Free Crochet Pattern

This, in turn, was designed to be reminiscent of, one of most pretty and well known, stained glass windows. Exciting bright and cheery pretty colors will light up every room while keeping you good and warm on the coldest autumn and winter days. This pattern is paid but if you prefer you can inspire of this using TIPPED free square and make the afghan.

Crochet Pattern



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