The Baby Surprise Jacket was composed by Elizabeth Zimmermann in 1968 and remains a prevalent child piece of clothing right up ’til today.

It is a phenomenal example for making utilization of oddments of yarn or self-striping yarns with long shading rehashes, however, looks similarly pleasant sew in a solitary shading with a differentiating catch band. The coat is weave in a solitary piece with only two creases that keep running over each of the shoulders and down the length of the sleeves. It incorporates additional move over the back of the piece of clothing to fit well finished a nappy (diaper). It’s so much fun! Share your final work in our Facebook group.

Baby Surprise Knit Jacket - Free Pattern

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Baby Surprise Knit Jacket – free knitting pattern is here. Check it out the details on Ravelry. Share your final work in our Facebook group